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2015-04-17 16:06 - Business

On April 15, a business meeting with entrepreneurs from China, has been held in the information center of the PAIiIZ. This time, the agency hosted business delegation from Shanghai.
The delegation included representatives from 10 companies in the following business sectors: furniture, bicycles, automotive and new material manufacturing, aircraft industry, insurance, real estate, health care, tourism, fossils conversion, food importers, counseling. There were also representatives of industry parks. Both, Slawomir Majman, the president of the PAIiIZ, as well as Arkadiusz Bak. undersecretary of Ministry of Economy, expressed positive opinions about the potential of fruitful cooperation between Poland and China. The president has laid stress on polish economy and its advantages, among the others drawing attention to the quality of work.


2015-04-17 16:02 - Business

Poland’s agri-food industry has high producing potential. The agricultural sector of Poland is getting stronger too. The evidences the changes in these industries can easily been seen from the analysis reports, which show the significant growth of the export of food processing related goods during the last 10 years of Poland’s membership in the EU.
According to the minister Sawicki, polish exporters should cooperate in order to increase the food export. There are such perspective foods for producers as: sweets, milk and meat. The president of the PAIiIZ emphasizes that the priority activity in promotion of Poland in China is to support the polish businesses in agri-food industry.


2015-04-15 16:23 - Business

International contacts provided by local government support Poland in reaching "politically difficult" countries, helping to break the ice and initiate multidimensional cooperation, said jointly participants of the seminar entitled, "Local government diplomacy - efficiency and directions for the future”. The meeting was attended by the PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

Secretary of State in Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Olgierd Dziekoński marked that the internationalization of the Polish economy can’t be done without the engagement of local government. As he said it is a key element of further development of Polish economy. He also argued that local government is a natural and very effective supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises, which generate over 50% of Polish GDP.


2015-04-15 16:19 - Business, Manufactcuring

Polish - German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) published the results of the 10th Survey on investment attractiveness of CEE countries. For the third time in a row, Poland has been named as the best investment location in the region. “The real challenge is not to win one gold medal but to win it three times”, commented PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

The investment attractiveness of CEE countries was surveyed among 116 foreign companies active on Polish market. Finally Poland scored 4 points and took over the Czech Republic by almost one point (3.1 points), and others leading countries as Estonia (2.97 points) and Slovakia (2.96 points).


2014-09-09 14:34 - Business

According to the Financial times reports based on anonymous sources, the biggest mobile operators in Europe are considering the possibility of launching cross-European mobile telephony network.
The discussion, which is currently in its initial phase, is supported by European Commission, which endeavors to unify the European Union markets.


2014-09-09 14:33 - Financial Industry

Foreign Policy mentioned Poland among the seven countries which succeeded to overcome the crisis. According to the magazine, Poles worked harder than other European nations; it has been estimated that they usually have about 500 hours more than Germans.


2014-09-09 14:33 - Business

Approximately 200-250 millions of PLN will be expended on building of the headquarter of World War II Museum, which will be founded over the Motlawa river in Walowa street in Gdansk.


2014-09-09 14:32 - Business

Electronic toll collection system viaTOLL has been operating since July 3, 2011 and covers about 1900 km of roads. A total of 1.2 milliards of PLN has been paid for the services until the end of October of this year. Vehicles under 3.5 tons and all buses notwithstanding the weight are required to be paid for on selected motorway sections and expressways, which are regulated by General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.
According to Government Information Centre reports, the new regulation, there will be fares introduced for the following sections: A1 motorway, between Pyrzowice and Sosnic junctions, Kotliska and Strykow junctions, as well as on expressway S1 between Pyrzowice and Airport junctions, on expressway S8 between Pawlowice and Dabrowa junctions, Ciesle and Sycow-Wschod junctions and Modlinska and Pilsudskiego junctions. There are 140 km of roads in total.


2014-04-09 14:31 - Financial Industry

The banks clearly declare, that they are tightening credit policies for small and medium businesses. It especially concerns the type and credibility of assurance documents accepted by them.
At the same time, the amount of industries completely excluded from financing and high risk industries has been expanded. This mainly concerns building industry and those related to it.
Currently, banks demand on clear economic situation, where there is 100% clearance and evidence. “In case of any doubts or uncertainty it is difficult to persuade a bank of one’s arguments”, notes Lukasz Wiejak, the product manager of Gold Finance.
Hence, the banks are unlikely to support companies with problems. Those companies which are doing good will get money, but many cases cash is needed to improve the situation.
Financial support could save many entrepreneurs, whose vast potential has temporarily been thwarted by the problems caused by numerous factors not related to their business.

2013-12-12 12:09 - Business

  It was a day of expectations what information the Federal Reserve would provide. Some news made glad whereas some disturbed. As a result small variability of indexes occurred in New York.
Markets focused on the message of the Federal Open Market Committee. From the beginning, there was little variation and the indexes oscillated around Tuesday's closing levels. Slight increases in New York began after FMOC Communication which has decided to extend the operation Twist by the end of the year. Interest rates were not changed. Operation Twist which consists in swap short-term government bonds for the long-term will last longer. This is designed to reduce the profitability of long-term securities, which will encourage banks to lower mortgage rates and boost the property market.