Special Economic Zones

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2012-10-18 13:37

The Ministry of Economy has already prepared regulations extending the activities of economic zones.
There are 14 regulations, just as the number of the zones, which are already waiting to be approved by the legal office in The Ministry of Economy. Once the regulations are signed they will be put on the agenda of the Standing Committee of the Council Of Ministers. This may happen in the middle of June. The last thing to be done will then be signing the regulations by the Government. It will have to hurry up; otherwise, the investments for the economic zones may be jeopardized by delay.
According to the existing rules the zones can operate until 2020 only, and that under no circumstances will gratify the new investors.


2011-10-14 09:50

Finally- a breakthrough in negotiations! Liugong accepts the pack of labor guarantees. Acquisition of Huta Stalowa Wola will cost 250 million zlotys. It seems to be the biggest Chinese business in Poland so far.


2011-10-10 09:42

Rapid capital flow to polish Special Economic Zones will slow down soon. There are black clouds over horizon. This year leaves are the effects of last year negotiations. In next year we expect a slowdown.

The cause is uncertain economic situation. “The number of talks on leaves has decreased. We do not have any new partners” admits Marek BogumiƂ, the president of Starachowice SEZ.


2011-10-03 09:41

In recent three quarters companies have declared investments for 4.4 billion PLN, which is two third more than last year. Uncertainty in economy will stop new projects in next year. Even now companies are more careful when creating new jobs.

According to information collected by “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper, amount of declared in SEZes financial resources is 4.37 billion PLN. Now in half of Special Economic Zones is planned bigger spending than in whole last year. Forecast for next three months are looking well- at least four Zones expect that value of already signed contracts will break billion zlotys level before the end of 2011.