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2014-09-09 14:33

Foreign Policy mentioned Poland among the seven countries which succeeded to overcome the crisis. According to the magazine, Poles worked harder than other European nations; it has been estimated that they usually have about 500 hours more than Germans.


2014-04-09 14:31

The banks clearly declare, that they are tightening credit policies for small and medium businesses. It especially concerns the type and credibility of assurance documents accepted by them.
At the same time, the amount of industries completely excluded from financing and high risk industries has been expanded. This mainly concerns building industry and those related to it.
Currently, banks demand on clear economic situation, where there is 100% clearance and evidence. “In case of any doubts or uncertainty it is difficult to persuade a bank of one’s arguments”, notes Lukasz Wiejak, the product manager of Gold Finance.
Hence, the banks are unlikely to support companies with problems. Those companies which are doing good will get money, but many cases cash is needed to improve the situation.
Financial support could save many entrepreneurs, whose vast potential has temporarily been thwarted by the problems caused by numerous factors not related to their business.

2012-12-18 10:13

 Let us join eurozone as soon as possible! There are more benefits than disadvantages.
According to Janusz Lewandowski the decision whether Poland will join the euro area may already be taken in spring. Tadeusz Mosz has no doubts about the necessity of joining the eurozone by Poland and he also believes that the country should do this as soon as possible, although not all of the formal conditions are complied yet. During an interview recorded by TOK FM, the chief noted that even though Poland does not comply with all the conditions, it should negotiate them.


2012-10-10 11:27

  On Tuesday U.S. investigators announced the arrest of 24 people in various countries around the world who were suspected for using stolen credit card numbers and banking information in order to rob bank accounts.
For two years FBI agents acted in the role of hackers in online forums, As a result of investigation they prevented the theft of money from accounts in the sum of 205 million dollars with 411 thousand stolen credit card numbers and debit.


2012-09-03 09:26

 After declines in Asian Polish indexes also began the day below the line
Week on the Warsaw Stock Exchange began with the decline. At the start index of the 20 largest companies lost 0.5 percent. Investors were hurt primarily by worsening atmosphere on the stock exchanges in Asia. Nikkei index fell by 0.7 percent. The KOSPI declined by 1.2 percent. The others Polish indicators were also stricken by failed start. mWIG40 has lost 0.3 percent sWIG80 is 0.1 percent below the line.
Among the largest companies of our trading pits, it could be possible to earn the most on shares of the company Synthos. Currently, they are becoming more expensive by 0.5 percent. The clear leader among dropouts is the Ukrainian Kernel, which is overestimated by more than 4 percent.


2012-06-28 14:16

 There should be realization of the idea to issue euro obligations or European version of Quantitative easing.

I am not an “armagedonist”, so I do not reckon that the markets will reach some final and absolute point. The markets’ behaviour is rather sinusoidal. Wojciech Bialek, the senior analyst of CDM Pekao believes that phases of inflation, disinflation, deflation (which can be seen now) are by phases of reflation, which will force the markets to grow.

When will hossa be back?

When the investors start to escape from secure assets, such as german for example, and start to purchase venturesome assets.



2011-10-17 12:58

 Stock company Getin Holding that main shareholder is Jacek Czarnecki has been divided into two independent economic entities: Getin Holding and Get Bank.
The division, officially announced in 27th of July, occurred during special general meeting of Getin shareholders in company’s headquarters in Wroclaw. There were no votes against, and shareholders that owned over 10% of votes have abstained from voting. There was no hurray optimism for this idea, but we did not see any obstacles to reject this issue. Most of us were neutral. – one of shareholders said.