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2011-12-30 09:54

In 2011 regional beer brands will increase sales of 10%.
From our newest estimations results that average rise in sales of local producers can even approach 10% - Andrzej Olkowski, Local Brewery Association President says. It is much better result than a whole market, dominated by large companies. The Association estimates that this year a whole sales will rise in Poland of 2%. Despite the fact that local breweries have only 5-6% share in polish market and receive more and more customers from large companies. InARC’s research 47 % of people admited that drinking local beers resulted that they consume less drinks produced by companies. 5% or respondents had declared that they do not drink mass beer at all.
The research has been made between October and November. The company has questioned 1000 citizens of large cities , which drink at least once in a month regional beer.



2011-11-02 15:09

 In 2011 amount of sales of local milk companies will break 25 billion zlotys. However, itrs profit will be limited because of high prices of material.
“This year will be one of the best in history of milk sector “ Waldemar Broś, the president of Polish Association of diaries says. Record-high, because of high prices on global market, it will be surely increase incomes of milk companies. According to Mrs. Jadwiga Selmak-Bulge from Institute of Agricultural and Food Economy, the sales will be 10 higher than in 2010. It reached then (without ice-cream) 23.1 billion zlotys. On the other hand, according to Mr. Bros income jump of diaries can be even close to 20%.


2011-10-28 09:51

 2011 will be a good year for polish exportation. Biggest winners are meat producers.
“In 2011 our incomes from beef exportation will be 40% higher than la year earlier” Ryszard Solarek, the president of Łmeat, the main meat company in Poland says. In first half of the year, the company exported mainly to Turkey. However, after rising the duties there, the company found new foreign markets. Currently, they sell beef mainly to Iraq, Iran and recently, to Egypt.
Mr. Smolarek explains that this year exportation of polish beef is boosted by EU subsidies. Brussels subsidies sales of this product to third party markets, outside the Commonwealth. From recently publicized Famm/FAPA report results that beef was of these products that exportation was quickly rising in first half of the year. The biggest surprise was pork meat – the exportation has risen of 60% to 272.4 million euro. On the other hand, the exportation of poultry rose to 377 millions. In first half of the 2010 was nearly 20% lower.