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The recession continues. Will we achieve equity in bearing
2012-12-01 10:10

One of the reasons of the downturn in economy growth is the drop in internal consumption. Polish society is getting poorer and people can afford less and less. In the meantime, according to the latest information the growth of salaries of the board of directors in join-stock companies in 2011 increased in 18%, and the growth of salaries of these companies’ chairmen increased in 20 percent. Apparently, there is no social solidarity in Poland. Social differentiation is slowly and systematically deepening. According to data from 2008 – 20 percent of the richest part of Polish society is 5,1 times richer than 20 percent of the poorest part of this country. If we take into consideration data relating to the growth of salaries, the increase in disproportion will be more obvious.

The income of the director of the board should grow only when their company makes profits. Though, it is worth remembering, that such an income is possible mainly thanks to hard work of the ordinary workers. The genius of the board will not likely help in this case. At the same time the salaries of the workers are the same, even if there is some growth it is evidently lower the level of inflation. It seems to me that there would be more social justice if the growth of the salaries of directors and chairmen were at the same level as it is in case of ordinary workers. They would normally get more. Unfortunately we faced not only social differentiation, but both growing level of frustration and discontent. Hate speech, which has recently became a popular topic of discussion, can now lay down on susceptible ground.
I am not seeking for a revolution here, it does not threaten us. But it is worth paying attention on the fact, that those societies which offer more justice and lower level of social differentiation are thought to be more socially mobile and open for cooperation, have lower level of criminal activities, and easily deal with problems and challenges. Prof. Czapinski notes that if we want to withstand the competitiveness and move from the periphery to the centre we have to bring innovations to our economy. In his opinion an ability to cooperate with each other and high level of social trust in Poland, which is the lowest in Europe except Greece, are required. The question is how to do this when the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

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