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Poland and the issue of joining the euro area.
2012-12-18 10:13

 Let us join eurozone as soon as possible! There are more benefits than disadvantages.
According to Janusz Lewandowski the decision whether Poland will join the euro area may already be taken in spring. Tadeusz Mosz has no doubts about the necessity of joining the eurozone by Poland and he also believes that the country should do this as soon as possible, although not all of the formal conditions are complied yet. During an interview recorded by TOK FM, the chief noted that even though Poland does not comply with all the conditions, it should negotiate them.

Janusz Lewandowski, the European Union commissioner of the budget, in his interview given for said that in one year Poland should take a decision about joining the euro area . He also added that the country should decide whether it is in the middle of European Union or at its periphery.
Tadeusz Mosz, the host of EKG magazine on TOK FM, is a firm advocate of the idea that Poland must join eurozone. He prompted the Government to negotiate the formal conditions of entering the euro area.
He insures that there is nothing to be afraid of and the problems in Greece should not frighten us; the source their difficulties is not the eurozone, but the flippancy and irrational borrowings of Greek people. Greece is responsible for this siltation.
There are more benefits than disadvantages:
Wieslaw Rozlucki, the former chairman of Warsaw Exchange Stock, does not doubt that Poland should quickly join the euro area.
The structure of financial system of European Union is being shaped these days and the members of the euro area will take decisions about it, so it would be good to participate in this process and be able to take decisions and negotiate conditions profitable for Poland.
He insures all the opponents of this idea and claims that the benefits override the disadvantages. Minister Rostowki says that in 2013 Poland will comply with fiscal criteria.
According the Jacek Wojciechowicz, the chairman of Polish Foundation for Management Promotion, those who have some doubts should look at Slovak Republic. He says that our neighbours who joined the eurozone do not have economic problems. Slovakia is developing faster than Poland.

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