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Business idea: How to become a sworn translator?
2013-12-02 11:25

  How to become a sworn translator?
Perhaps not everyone knows but the profession of translator, like the medical profession, require taking a solemn oath. Interpreters agree that they will perform their profession with ethics, impartiality, remaining trade secrets.
However, before taking an oath​​, potential candidates must overcome a long way.
Excellent knowledge of chosen language is not enough.

Basic requirements include:

Polish citizenship or nationality of a member states of the European Union, EFTA, the nationality of another country on a reciprocal basis
knowledge of Polish language
full legal capacity
can not be punished for intentional offenses, tax offenses or for any unintentional offense against the security of the economic
completion of university degree in philology or Master's Degree in a different direction and postgraduate studies in translation
exam with the translation from Polish language into a foreign language and from foreign language into Polish language.

The exam consists of two parts: written and oral. When the score is not high enough, you can approach the other but early next year. The cost of a test is 800 PLN.
The examination is conducted by the Examination Committee, appointed by the Minister of Justice. Candidates report going to the exam to the Ministry of Justice.
At least 3 weeks before the exam the candidate is notified of the date and place of examination by the Commission President.

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