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Investors instead of credit.
2014-04-09 14:31

The banks clearly declare, that they are tightening credit policies for small and medium businesses. It especially concerns the type and credibility of assurance documents accepted by them.
At the same time, the amount of industries completely excluded from financing and high risk industries has been expanded. This mainly concerns building industry and those related to it.
Currently, banks demand on clear economic situation, where there is 100% clearance and evidence. “In case of any doubts or uncertainty it is difficult to persuade a bank of one’s arguments”, notes Lukasz Wiejak, the product manager of Gold Finance.
Hence, the banks are unlikely to support companies with problems. Those companies which are doing good will get money, but many cases cash is needed to improve the situation.
Financial support could save many entrepreneurs, whose vast potential has temporarily been thwarted by the problems caused by numerous factors not related to their business.

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