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2013-12-02 11:25

  How to become a sworn translator?
Perhaps not everyone knows but the profession of translator, like the medical profession, require taking a solemn oath. Interpreters agree that they will perform their profession with ethics, impartiality, remaining trade secrets.
However, before taking an oath​​, potential candidates must overcome a long way.
Excellent knowledge of chosen language is not enough.


2013-11-12 12:12

Many Poles go abroad to seek work. Then a very important element is to have the appropriate application documents, including the biography. How should you write it in order to form complies with the needs in Europe?


2012-06-04 09:04

 Unfortunately, private companies are not willing to increase salaries, which means we can afford less and less since the inflation is still high. Euro 2012 may only be a temporary fix the situation.

According to the data from the labour market, month after month, the economy is getting worse. GUS reports that an average salary in entrepreneurships is 3720 PLN brutto (not including small business, governmental organizations and finance sector), which is 50 PLN less than in March. In addition, year dynamics dropped from 3.8 percent to 3.4 percent. Meanwhile, prices in 2011 other way round increased in 4 percent, which means that in reality we can afford less.


2011-11-04 15:37

Nearly 70% of polish companies – clients of website- are going to hire New workers this year. It questions the information about wide pessimism among the employers.
Only 14% of companies announced that they will not hire any recruitment – the recent report says. 69% of them are going to hire people, however these are not wide-scale operations.
The most- over half of companies are willing to hire up to 10 workers, and only 3% predicts recruitment over 50 people. Every fourth employer admits that current recruitments are smaller than in recent quarters.

This fact is not -experts say- a result of slow down, but the recruiting cycle of many companies that slows down before end of the year. Most companies are going to recruit specialists for client service, IT and sales departments. The consultants are among those who dictates the conditions. Such specialists are SAP specialists, software testers and Java programmers.