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Investors chosen Poland as the best location
2015-04-15 16:19

Polish - German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) published the results of the 10th Survey on investment attractiveness of CEE countries. For the third time in a row, Poland has been named as the best investment location in the region. “The real challenge is not to win one gold medal but to win it three times”, commented PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

The investment attractiveness of CEE countries was surveyed among 116 foreign companies active on Polish market. Finally Poland scored 4 points and took over the Czech Republic by almost one point (3.1 points), and others leading countries as Estonia (2.97 points) and Slovakia (2.96 points).

The results of the survey also show that foreign investors are satisfied with providing business activity in Poland. 95% of them describe the conditions of their company as good, “It is worth stressing that 96% of companies would choose Poland as investment location again”, adds Michael Kern managing director of AHK. To add more, 88% of surveyed companies are planning to increase investments in Poland or to maintain the level of invested capital.

As previously, among the biggest investment assets of Poland - except being the Member State of the EU - is human capital including high qualifications, productivity and motivation of Polish employees. Investors also appreciate the high level of academic education in Poland. Companies present at the AHK conference agreed that the quality becomes a synonymous of workforce in Poland, and due to that growing costs of employment is one of the most spectacular achievements of the Poles. Poland also gets good notes for political stability and the improvement of infrastructure. Investors are also impressed by the programme of the improvement of vocational training in the country.

One of the most strategic goals for Poland for the nearest future is to adjust the education system to the needs of employment market, argued Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, director of Foreign Investment Dep in PAIiIZ. ”Polish schools no longer just “produce” student and graduates, now they shape future employees. We also focus on the development of vocational training offer as it is very important for foreign investors, argued Mrs Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik.

According to surveyed companies, improvement of efficiency of public administration, further development and modernization of infrastructure and the reform of public finances this is the list of priorities of Polish economy for 2015.


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